Money Exchange & International Transfers

We make you gain on the exchange!
  • Send and receive money in different currencies.
  • Cheaper and faster than your bank.
  • Unique local IBANs.
  • Free account & no hidden fees!
SELL EUR 1.1234
1.1234 BUY EUR
  • Transfer fees: 0 CHF
  • Exchange margin: 0.50%
  • ibani 1.1636
    880 EUR
  • Bank Migros 1.1734
    828.28 EUR
  • BCGE 1.1877
    815 EUR

Note: The exchange rates of Bank Migros and BCGE are calculated using an average of their margin taken above the market rate on a 30-days sample. Logo
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How It Works recipient creation

1. You Create a Beneficiary

Provide the required information for each beneficiary you want to send money to. The beneficiary can be yourself or someone else. Your beneficiaries don't need to use ! IBAN creation

2. We Give You a Unique IBAN

We generate a dedicated Swiss IBAN for each of your beneficiaries. You use it each time money is sent to them. money transfer

3. You Send Money To It

Go onto your usual e-banking and send the desired amount to the IBAN we provided. We take care of the exchange at the cheapest rate and deliver the money on your beneficiary's bank account!

Get the Real Exchange Rate

Why Choose cross-border workers icon

Cross-Border Workers

  • Give your employer the dedicated IBAN provided by for your salary.
  • Receive your salary at home directly converted at the best rate.
  • No need to open and pay for a Swiss bank account! businesses icon


  • Pay your foreign suppliers in their currency directly via We take care of the rest and help you save on currency exchange fees.
  • Get paid by your foreign customers and gain on the currency exchange.
  • Seamless integration with your accounting & financial processes. students icon


  • Communicate your IBAN to your school.
  • Receive your scholarship directly converted into your local currency.
  • Avoid international transfer fees and save on the exchange rates. pensioners icon


  • Use your IBAN to collect your monthly retirement pension.
  • Receive it directly converted into your bank account in your country of residence.
  • Save money each time by avoiding international transfer fees and excessive exchange rates.

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