Get the best 

exchange rate the easy way

Save money on your bank transfers in different currencies without changing your habits, with dedicated Swiss IBANs.

  • Our transfer fees: CHF 0
  • Our exchange margin: 0.50%
  • Final exchange rate: 1.1636
  • You'll save on average maintenant

* Transfers in currencies other than EUR and CHF may be subject to correspondent bank fees.

Our mission is to make you save time and money.

We do it by giving you access to the real market exchange rate:

on which we only take a tiny margin

Our only revenue is a super small degressive 0.4% margin, which we take on each currency exchange operation. It's up to 10x cheaper than a bank!

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and zero hidden fees

At ibani you have absolutely no other cost. No transfer or processing fees, no account opening, maintenance or closing fees, nothing at all!

Our commitment

How it works

As our name suggests, IBANs are our specialty!

At ibani, you create transfer routes between two bank accounts. We attribute a unique Swiss IBAN to each one of them, which allows you to do your currency exchange with ibani instead of your bank.

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Our added value

You are an expat or a cross-border worker? Our dedicated Swiss IBANs allow you to receive your salary without a Swiss bank account, convert it at the best exchange rate and get it back home in a super easy, automated, fast and secure way. We even take care of paying your Swiss invoices!

ibani for cross-border workers

Your company transfers money in different currencies? If you make your transfers with your bank, you are paying excessive exchange fees.

By using ibani, you save significant amounts of money on those transfers, without having to change how your work to:

  • Pay your suppliers
  • Transfer funds between your various accounts
  • Pay your cross-border workers
ibani for businesses

If you need to transfer money in another currency, ibani helps you pay the lowest exchange cost possible. Here are a few examples that we deal with every day:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Pensioners abroad
  • Account to account transfers
  • Studies abroad
  • Investments
ibani for personal use


Thanks to our dedicated Swiss IBANs, you can simplify your life by putting your currency exchange and money transfers on autopilot.


Your funds are immediately processed when we receive them. You get your converted funds within an hour if you transfer them to us the morning of a business day.


Our service works with the banking system, it therefore has the same level of security than your bank. Your money cannot be lost or embezzled.

At your service

Our team is fully available to answer all your questions by email or by phone. You can even come by our office!

What our clients are saying:

Authorized financial intermediary

ibani SA is a FinTech company established in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. We are an authorized and audited financial intermediary, with a track record of thousands of clients and transactions.

We are affiliated with SRO-member SO-FIT, an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money Laundering Act by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority.



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