Compare exchange rates

When you compare different currency exchange services, don't stop at comparing the exchange margins. Check the actual exchange rate that you will get, that's often where hidden costs are hidden through inflated bid-ask spreads.

To make it easier for you, we have made the most comprehensive comparison possible of the most common options.

ServiceYou getDifferenceTransfer fees
Logo Transferwise8'468.260
Logo ibani8'468.260
Logo Exchangemarket8'468.260
Logo B-Sharpe8'468.260
Logo Revolut8'468.260
Logo Currencyfair8'468.260
Logo Change Migros   *8'468.260
Logo BNC Change   *8'468.260
Logo Change Cité   *8'468.260
Logo Zürcher Kantonalbank8'422.000
Logo PostFinance8'405.000
Logo Crédit Agricole Next Bank8'405.000
Logo BCJ8'468.260
Logo Banque Migros8'423.000
Logo BCGE8'378CHF1.00
Logo UBS8'363.75CHF0.30
Logo Raiffeisen8'422.000
Logo BCN8'3620
Logo BCV8'2420
Logo PayPal8'154.170
Logo Western Union8'2420

* Cash rate

Note: The currency exchange rates of the third party providers shown here are calculated with an average of their exchange margin on a 30 days sample.

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