Currency Exchange and Money Transfers for Businesses

Does your business pay invoices in other currencies?

Do you send invoices to customers abroad?

We're going to save you money

If your business is still using a bank to transfer money in different currencies, you are losing money.
With our currency exchange and money transfer services designed for businesses, you can save on each operation.
ibani simply replaces your bank for the currency exchange:

at unbeatable rates

in an automatable way

without having to change the way you work!

Diagram of ibani's business currency exchange system

Our Advantages

Unique Cost

We only charge a small currency exchange margin on each transfer

Zero Hidden Fees

At ibani, there are no tricky fine prints with hidden fees


No change required with your accounting or tax reporting

No More References

Our system works without having to use transfer references

Dedicated IBANs

You get dedicated IBANs for each one of your beneficiaries

Two Way

Your ibani IBANs lets you send and receive money

No Limit

There are no transfer frequency or volume limits


Fast transfers within 24h (business days)

Swiss Quality Icon

ibani SA is a limited company based at the heart of Geneva's financial center, and it holds a financial intermediary authorization in Switzerland.

Our Rates

Transfer AmountOur Exchange MarginOur Transfer Fees
Below CHF 1,0000.40%CHF 6.00 Free
From CHF 1,000 to CHF 10,0000.40%Free
From CHF 10,000 to CHF 50,0000.35%Free
From CHF 50,000 to CHF 100,0000.30%Free
From CHF 100,000 to CHF 250,0000.15%Free
From CHF 250,000 to CHF 500,0000.09%Free
From CHF 500,000 to CHF 1 million0.05%Free
Above CHF 1 millionContact UsFree

Note: All rates and fees above are applied by ibani upon the amount received on ibani's account. ibani does not take into account any other fees that your bank may charge you when transferring money from / to their system. ibani kindly invites you to contact your bank for further details on other fees that they may charge.


At ibani we only charge a margin on the currency exchange. All the rest is free!

Creating an accountFree
Keeping an accountFree
Closing an accountFree
Creating beneficiariesFree
Updating your personal informationFree