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Simulate conversions between the currencies that are available with our online currency exchange service. Our calculator gives you real time results with live market rates.

  • Our transfer fees: CHF 0
  • Our exchange margin: 0.50%
  • Final exchange rate: 1.1636
  • You'll save on average maintenant

* Transfers in currencies other than EUR and CHF may be subject to correspondent bank fees.

Exchange currencies the easy way

With our mobile app, create currency pairs, get dedicated Swiss IBAN numbers for each one of them and make bank transfers in different currencies at the right exchange rate, with a transparent margin and zero hidden fees.

CHF to EUR conversion chart

The right exchange rate

When comparing the exchange rate between two currencies, the fees shown to you don't necessarily include the full cost of what you will really pay. Always compare the exchange rate displayed with the actual market rate, or you may pay too much through an inflated bid-ask spread.

At ibani, we only charge a tiny margin taken on the best exchange rate we can find for you.


Your Swiss partner

ibani SA is a FinTech company established in Geneva since 2018. We are an authorized and audited financial intermediary, with a track record of thousands of clients and transactions. We work with Swiss banks for your IBAN numbers and with institutional providers for your currency exchange.

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