About ibani

ibani is a small yet smart and powerful robot created by the mad scientists of Smart Execution SA (aka Smex), a Fintech start-up born at Geneva's Fusion incubator in Switzerland.

Like any Swiss product, ibani is precise, safe and efficient. It means that with him your money exchanges & transfers are in good hands and that you can be absolutely sure he will always walk the extra mile to get you the best deal!

Our Vision

ibani believes that moving money around shouldn't be complicated and expensive, and shouldn't be in the exclusive hands of bankers. Our vision is to use technology to let people flow their money freely and without commitment.

Our Mission

ibani wants to become the reference provider of currency exchange & international transfers by giving people access to the lowest rates on the market and to innovative tools that facilitate their daily money transfers.

Our Essence

ibani was built with transparence, honesty, fairness and efficiency at its core. This, and a positronic brain of course.

Our Promise

ibani's promise is that you will never exchange and transfer money so cheap and easily!

The Company

ibani is a brand operated by ibani SA, a limited liability company established in Geneva in 2018.

ibani is an SRO-member of VQF, an officially recognized self regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money-Laundering Act (AMLA).