Currency Exchange and Money Transfers for Cross-Border Workers

Do you live in a country but work in another?
ibani is the secret weapon of cross-border workers to manage the collection, exchange and transfer of their salary in a smart and much cheaper way between two currencies.

ibani is cheaper than banks and foreign exchange offices

Transfer Your Salary for Cheaper

If you use a bank or a foreign office to exchange your salary, you are losing money!

At ibani, we help you avoid the excessive fees of the market and enjoy a much better exchange rate.

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ibani no more transfer references

No More References

Thanks to its system of dedicated IBAN for each one of your beneficiaries, ibani is the only exchange service where you can transfer your salary without having to worry about using the right reference number in your transfer to have it reach its destination.

ibani no need of bank accounts

Do Without a Bank Account

If you don't want to bear the costs of a second bank account in the country of your employer or if you don't fulfill the conditions to have one, you can use ibani to receive your salary.

With the dedicated IBAN that we generate for you, you can give your employer or your temporary employment agency a local IBAN on which they will be able to pay your salary. You will then receive it converted with the best exchange rate directly on your bank account in a matter of hours.

Of course, ibani works with all your existing bank accounts!

ibani better than foreign exchange offices

Forget Foreign Exchange Offices

Many still think that exchange offices are the cheapest option. Their rates are lower than the banks indeed, but they are still far above ibani's rates!

And by the way, do you really enjoy that much queuing each month to change your salary? Let's not even start on the danger of walking around with pockets full of cash...

Forget exchange offices and switch to online currency exchange!

ibani zero hidden fees

Zero Hidden Fees

At ibani, transparency is paramount as we are precisely holding its absence against the pricing of banks.

By using our service, you will only have a single cost: a small margin that we take on the currency exchange rate on each transfer. That margin is up to 10 times smaller than the average margin charged by banks.

All the rest is free and non-binding!

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ibani safety

Transfer in Peace

ibani SA is a Swiss limited company with a financial intermediary authorization, meaning that we are allowed by the Swiss financial regulator to process your operations in full compliance with relevant regulation.

The funds that you send through us don't leave the banking system circuit, so there's no cash involved in our service. It is therefore 100% safe and secured!

Our company is located in the heart of Geneva's financial center, where all our staff is working.

You can even stop by to ask us your questions in person, or just to say hi!