Currency exchange for individuals

Do you need to transfer money in another currency? With ibani you get the best exchange rate and avoid the excessive fees charged by your bank.

Get the best exchange rate in full transparency

We are much cheaper than any bank. With our currency exchange calculator, you know in advance how much you will get for a given amount and at what rate. No surprise!

  • Our transfer fees: CHF 0
  • Our exchange margin: 0.50%
  • Final exchange rate: 1.1636
  • You'll save on average maintenant

Automatic or manual currency exchange

By default, each transfer that we receive on your ibani IBANs is immediately processed, converted and transferred out to the destination account.

But if you prefer, you can switch your IBAN in manual mode. Funds received will be in standby (up to 30 days) until you manually trigger the currency exchange at the moment you choose.

Currency exchange management screenshot from the ibani mobile app

Real estate transactions

If you buy or sell real estate in a different currency, our service and better exchange rates will save you thousands - if not tens of thousands - on your transaction.

Retiring abroad

Do you need to withdraw your pension fund to go abroad for your retirement? Don't be careless with your wealth and waste it on expensive exchange fees. Save with ibani and get more to enjoy your retirement!

Studies abroad

We help students going in another country for an exchange program to save on the currency exchange costs when transferring grants, scholarships and other subsidies.


For any type of investment that you plan to make in another currency, protect your return on investment by minimizing your exchange costs.

Change de devises compte à compte

Account to account currency exchange

If you own several bank accounts in different currencies - in Switzerland or elsewhere, you can use ibani to reduce your exchange costs when you transfer money between those accounts.

Our currencies
ibani zéro frais cachés

Zero hidden fees

Our only revenue is a small degressive 0.4% margin, which we take on each currency exchange operation. It's up to 10x cheaper than a bank!

With ibani you have absolutely no other cost. No transfer or processing fees, no account opening, maintenance or closing fees, nothing at all!

Our rates
ibani aucune limite de transfert

No transfer limits

Our currency exchange service has no limit on the frequency, the number or the volume of your money transfers.

Get CHF25 for each person you refer

For each person that you invite on ibani, we give you CHF25 to thank you and we give CHF10 to your friend as a little welcome gift.

Share your personal referral link from our app and follow each person who has registered with your link.

More info

Authorized financial intermediary

ibani SA is a FinTech company established in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. We are an authorized and audited financial intermediary, with a track record of thousands of clients and transactions.

We are affiliated with SRO-member SO-FIT, an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money Laundering Act by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority.



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