Frequently Asked Questions

No, to use you only need to create an account on our website. Our service is fully compatible with your existing bank accounts and banking habits.
No, an account allows you to exchange and transfer money. It is not a deposit account or any other type of bank account.
It's 100% free! There is no cost for the creation, maintenance and liquidation of an account.
For each transfer of CHF1,000 or more, there is zero transfer fee.
Below CHF1,000, we charge a CHF6.00 on each transfer.
For more information, please visit our Rates page. has the mission to exchange and transfer your currencies within 24 hours, i.e. from the time receives your money on your proxy IBAN to the time it triggers the transfer out to the beneficiary account.
Please note that is also subject to its banking partners in terms of payments processing. does not take into account the time your bank takes to process your instruction.
Today exchanges and transfers CHF, EUR, USD and GBP. Any additional currency will be communicated via our newsletters.
A transaction is “on hold” when there is additional information that needs in order to complete a specific transfer. The required information or documents are stated in the dashboard and in the transaction details. does not provide advice on the timing of exchange. is not a service for speculating on currency exchange.


IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It identifies bank accounts across national borders and facilitates the communication and processing of cross-border transactions.
The acronym SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The SWIFT-code, or the BIC (Business Identifier Code) identifies a specific bank or financial institution.
SWIFT is a global messaging network used by banks and financial institutions to send and receive information such as money transfer instructions in a quick and accurate way.
The Single European Payment Area (SEPA) is a euro payments area in which cross-border international payments are handled as domestic payments within the individual countries.
The bid price is the price at which the broker/specialist/financial intermediary is willing to pay to buy an asset. The ask price is the price at which the broker is willing to sell an asset.
The difference between these two prices is called in the technical language the bid-ask spread.
The mid-market rate is the average rate between the buy and sell rates.
The interbank rate is the rate at which banks swap currencies between each other.

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