Trouver un emploi en Suisse

Finding a job in Switzerland

Looking for a job in Switzerland? Discover in this guide the main places where you can find quality job offers in Geneva and in Romandy area.

Although Switzerland is an attractive country for its jobs, wages and working conditions, finding a job is not always easy.

Indeed, working in Switzerland offers many advantages such as one of the most attractive salary levels in the world, excellent social benefits (especially if you are unemployed) but also a minimum of four weeks of holidays per year and one of the best quality of life in the world.

However, the Swiss labour market is small and competitive which is why opportunities are more limited for people from abroad. It is sometimes difficult to know where and how to find job offers in a foreign country, especially when the country is as selective and competitive as Switzerland.

Throughout this guide, we summarize the most effective ways to find a job in Switzerland as a cross-border commuter, so that you can make the most of all the opportunities available to you.


Today, the Internet is an essential tool for job search in Switzerland. It is the fastest and most efficient way to find a job: in a few clicks you can access thousands of job offers. So take the time to search multiple sites instead of focusing on one.

Job boards:

Job boards such as,, are essential for your job search. They also allow you to target jobs more accurately using filters based on location, sector of employment, occupancy rate, etc. These platforms have the advantage of bringing together in one place a large number of announcements and proposals from various companies. But keep in mind that once the offer is published, it is seen by hundreds of other potential candidates, so do not limit yourself to just one site. In order to put all the chances on your side, do check other websites or sources of job offers.

Here is a list of the most popular job boards in Switzerland:

Swiss companies’ websites:

Larger companies often publish their job offers directly on their website. Feel free to list companies in your sector and visit their website and career page to find out about current job opportunities. In addition, it may also make sense to apply spontaneously to different Swiss companies.

Recruitment agencies:

There are many employment agencies in Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland that recruit candidates on behalf of companies.

In general, these recruitment agencies test the candidates' skills and knowledge during an initial interview before sending them for an interview in a company. This can increase the recruitment process but it is an effective way to find a job, as agencies have a large number of candidates to recruit in a short period of time.

All you have to do is create an account on the agency's website, add your CV in order to start applying for job offers. These agencies offer temporary or permanent positions and are a must on the Swiss job market. lists all official recruitment agencies in Switzerland.

Here is a list of the most popular recruitment agencies:

Social media:

Although the first reflex would be to search job-boards, social networks are a good alternative for finding serious jobs for cross-border workers.


There are many job offers on LinkedIn, and more and more Swiss companies are only recruiting on this platform. It is therefore imperative today to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that is optimized for your current job search.


There are many Facebook groups dedicated to job search, particularly on groups dedicated to border residents such as the "🇫🇷🇨🇭 Frontalier France-Suisse" group. On these groups, both employers and employees can publish their offers and requests, which are primarily addressed to cross-border workers.

Here are some Facebook groups dedicated to border residents:

Networking is also a good way to secure a job, so look to expand your personal network and make new contacts!

The press:

Consult the job offer sections in the newspapers of the Geneva region and even on the French side on a regular basis.Le Temps, La Tribune de Genève, or the 24 Heures are Swiss daily newspapers that regularly publish job offers in their newspapers but also on their website.

Of course, there are many other ways to find job opportunities, but the most effective ones are listed above. In order maximize your chances don’t forget to take the first step! It’s unlikely that an employer will contact you first, so do regular search in the press or on the internet and feel free to apply for several job offers.

PIn addition, make sure that you always have a CV available that follows the Swiss standards to be considered as a potential candidate. More information here.

There are also organisations dedicated to cross-border commuters that can help you in your job search, whether it is looking for job offers or writing your CV etc.

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