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How It Works

In this guide we explain the steps to follow to create your account, create your first beneficiary and make your first money exchange and transfer.

1. Get the App

The very first step to use ibani's services is to download our free mobile application by clicking here:

2. Account Creation

Once the app installed on your mobile phone, you'll be invited to create your account.

To do so, you will have to use your mobile phone number and choose a password. You will then enter your personal information, and provide directly within the app the following required documents:

  • A valid ID (passport or ID card).
  • A proof of address less than 3 months old:
    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Tax or non-tax certificate
    • Housing insurance receipt
    • Rental receipt
    • Property ownership certificate

3. Video Call & Validation

You will then be able to schedule within the app the date and time that are convenient for you for a short video call (still in-app) in which you will need to show the same piece of ID as the one provided in the previous step.

Please note that all those steps are required by Swiss law.

4. Beneficiary & IBAN

You can now create your first beneficiary! To do so, go in the "Beneficiaries" tab of the app and click on "Add a Beneficiary".

Choose the currency pair that you would like to exchange, and provide all the required information about the beneficiary (the individual or the business that will receive the money exchanged) and about the nature of relation between the origin and the destination of the funds.

Once you have entered all the required information, you will receive a unique IBAN number in the currency of origin that you chose dedicated to the beneficiary you have just created.

5. First Transfer !

With this first IBAN, all you have to do is login on the e-banking portal of your favorite bank or go to the desk of a bank or post office, and then transfer the amount you want to send in the currency of origin to the IBAN you received.

When you fill the payment slip, here are the correct information to use:

ibani.com payment slip

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6. Creating Additional Beneficiaries

With ibani.com, you can create as many beneficiaries as you want. Please remember that your beneficiaries do not need to have an ibani.com account ! You can also be your own beneficiary if for example you own various bank accounts in different currencies, if you receive your salary in a different currency, etc.